Nonconsecutive Sudoku

In a nonconsecutive sudoku, adjacent numbers (horizontally or vertically) cannot be consecutive.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Ikke-etterfølgende sudoku

(Download this puzzle as a PDF)

Let’s look at B5 (the middle box), and consider where the number 5 might be:

Ikke-etterfølgende sudoku med hint

  • R4 and C4 (shaded pink) already have 5s.
  • Neither of the cells below and to the right of the number 6 in the middle (shaded blue) can have 5, according to the rule of nonconsecutiveness.
  • Only one possibility is left in B5: R6C6.

The same method can be used to place the number 4 in B2 (the top middle box).

Download this puzzle as a PDF, print it and try to solve it yourself!

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