Jigsaw Sudoku

Jigsaw sudoku puzzles are just like regular sudoku, except that the boxes have irregular shapes.

Eksempel på puslespill-sudoku

The irregular boxes fit toghether like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle—hence the name.

Every jigsaw sudoku has boxes with different shapes and a different arrangement of the givens. Figuring out how all this plays together is what makes jigsaw sudoku fun!

For example, consider the 9s in the example above: There are only two of them, but the way the boxes are shaped lets us place two more 9s right away:

Det er lett å finne to 9-tall

  • Both R4 (row 4) and C2 (column 2) have 9s, so there has to be a 9 in R6C4, because that’s the only cell that can have a 9 in that box.
  • In R5 there is only one cell where a 9 can be, since there already is a 9 both in C2 and the middle box.


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